Serving Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas

A beverage equipment repair company with over 15yrs experience in the industry.

Serving Toronto and surrounding areas

We offer several services and products aimed to make a bar, restaurant or club owners life a little less stressful.  Often, the value of a soda dispenser/ pop dispenser isn't realized until it doesn't work.  Our services ensure a quick and efficient response should a soft drink emergency happen.

Soda Chill's Bag-in-Box syrup products are high quality but at a reasonable price.  Your soft drinks will taste great everytime with pop syrup that is is priced to increase profit and reduce waste for those who are currently using cans or bottles.


Our services for repair include wunderbar equipment, Taylor frozen beverage units and cornelius equipment.  We know and understand these units as well as similar versions.  Below are just a few of the equipment we come across.

We pride ourselves on being the best.


  Developing a great working relationship with those who use our services is a key part of a smooth and affordable service.  Many times, a call for service can be resolved by a simple phone call, resulting in no cost.


Our goal is to have people share how great it is to work with us.  That type of compliment is worth more than money.


Whatever your beverage needs are, please call us and see if we can help or send you in the right direction.

A Quick word about our Service.

With several years in the industry, we have seen many configurations and set ups.

Often people think there is no room for a system at their bar.  Typically there is.  We have worked on ones installed in a boat, a "Man Cave" and even at a work desk. 

We also provide quick 24hr service in the GTA.  If we can't help you solve it over the phone, we will rush there to do it in person.  No one likes to lug cans around and we will do everything in our power so you don't have to. 

You don't even have to be an existing customer.

Whether it is a repair, install or uninstall, we are prepared at all times to service you.

Contact us today to take advantage of our many great offers.

A Perfect Combination!