Serving Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas


Founded in Mississauga, Special Circumstances is a result of combining two very different leadership, sales and repair styles into one.  This stratigic planning has lead to a company strategy unlike any in industry.  A belief that each customer has the right to save resources when possible is a belief that has increased our reputation and added new and exciting partnerships. 


With over 10 years in the business, we know how to solve issues quickly, reducing the cost to you, the customer.  We pride ourselves in not only resolving an issue but in passing on information so that the issue wont become a repeat issue.  Many times, common mistakes can lead to a flaw in what is generally an easy to use system.  We don't want to milk our customers of what they have, instead we want our customers to be so pleased with our service that they tell everyone they know. 


In addition, we also know that preventative maintenance is important and we provide that at a reasonable cost.  We are more than happy to come and do a user training for a new restaurant owner.  Knowledge can help prevent future issues and that's our goal.  Let us help you reduce future costs of repair.


When you choose Special Circumstances as your beverage repair technicians, you are making a choice that will prolong the life of your equipment as well as provide you with comfort that repairs and maintenance performed on your machine is done right and at a reasonable price.  We use authentic parts to reduce wear and tear on your machine.


We service many types of machines from pop and juice dispensers like ones you may find in a restaurant or the hand held unit in a bar.  We also service slush machines like the ones you may find in a convenience store.  In addition, we service ice cream machines, milkshake machines and coffee brewers.


A new addition to our service is the strength of quality found in Soda Chill's Pop and Juice Syrups.  We are proud to be connected to what we believe is a high quality product at a very affordable price.