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From time to time we are able to offer equipment at great prices.  These are generally used pieces of equipment which have been refurbished and are ready to use.  Sometimes it is more affordable to own a piece of equipment that to rent one.  However the cost of various equipment can be very high.  When opportunity arises where we are able to offer good quality equipment and great prices, we take advantage of that and pass it along. 


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Refurbished Equipment currently for sale.


Cornelius 2 barrel slush machines for $1000

These units are refurbished and ready for purchase.  The syrup is supplied from a bag-in-box format which means no mixing or refilling machine.


Some quick math.  Selling 20 slushies a day at $2.50 each, in a 30day month generates $1500 sales.


Great for Convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, and ice cream shops!