Serving Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas

Service to equipment is handled in a few ways.


We offer package programs to ensure smooth operation of equipment.  These packages include regular visits and cost of labour for repairs.  Please take a look at the package options and see if it suits your needs.  Hourly rates and individual repairs are listed further below.

Soda Dispenser Service:  For the low cost of $65/month/unit for each unit, we will visit your location once each month to ensure your equipment is running as it should.  We will clean the external parts of the system, adjust the flavours to be perfect and sanitize the whole system upon request.  Not only that, but this also includes free emergency repairs.


In addition, we refurbish equipment.  Most often Wunderbar dispensers.  These tend to develop leaks over time.  Why struggle with wet hands when a simple call can make the problem go away.  We charge $65 to rebuild an 8 selection wand, $70 for a 10 selectiona nd $75 for a 12 selection.  Not only that, but we will lend you a replacement wand to use while yours in being repaired.  No Downtime!


Frozen Beverage Prevention Program:  For the low cost of $12.99/chamber/month we will visit your location once a month to ensure proper operation of the unit.  This includes external cleaning.  Once every 4 months, we will perform routine maintenance by changing required parts (parts are extra), cleaning and sanitizing your machine so it stays in peek performance.  This plan also comes with free emergency service.


Frozen Beverage Routine Maintenance:  This is a program where we contact you regarding the routine maintenance of your unit.  The cost for the maintenance is $25/chamber.  While it does not include the benifits of the prevention plan, it does include a guarantee on our service should there be any issue with the work we have done.


In addition, we refurbish equipment, most often Wunderbar dispensers.  These tend to leak over time.  Why struggle with wet hands when a simple call can make the problem go away.  We charge $65 to rebuild an 8 selection wand.  $70 for a 10 selection and $75 for a 12 selection.   Not only that but we will lend you a replacement wand to use while your's in being fixed.  No downtime.

For a service call not covered under a plan, our cost is $65/hour.  A large part of our service is for restaurant or bar dispensers.  These can be troublesome at times and that's what we excel at.  Our technicians can tend to these complications right away and assess the work needed.  A large task generally uses more than one technician but our radio communication ensures we are finished and out of your way as quick as possible.


We use authentic parts since after market parts tend to be less reliable.  Our technicians are trained on several different frozen beverage units and are aware of how a simple error could send the machine into distress.  We are also aware that poor parts could mean syrup and slush pouring onto the floor.